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Current Photo prices

                                    8x10 print       8x12 print       11x14 print     13x19 print

Print only                   $25                  $25                  $40                  $60

+ shipping*                  $10                  $10                  $10                   $10


                                   11x14 mat       11x14 mat       16x20 mat      18x24 mat

                                    8x10 print       8x12 print       11x14 print     13x19 print                      

Matted                        $40                  $40                  $60                  $80                 

+ shipping*                 $15                   $15                  $20                 $20


Framed                       $80                  $80                  $120                $160

+ shipping*                  $25                  $25                  $35                  $40


* Shipping costs are approximated.  If more than one print, one matted or one framed print is ordered, then two or more may be packaged together and shipping savings may occur.

My photographs are taken with Canon digital SLR cameras using telephoto, wide-angle and macro lenses.  After editing in Adobe Photoshop, I print them on high-gloss, heavy-weight, archival paper using a Canon PixmaPro-100 printer.  An 8-color dye-based ChromaLife 100 ink system produces a wide range of color tones exhibiting natural details, texture and contrast.  

Each print includes a narrow border in colors appropriate to the image.  All prints are open editions. 

After close inspection for quality, I enclose prints (digitally signed) in a clear, pH-neutral polybag.  Prints are rolled and shipped in a protective mailing tube. 

Matted prints (initialed on the mat) are also enclosed in pH-neutral polybags and boxed for mailing.  White mats are conservation grade and the backing boards are acid-free foam board. 

Framed prints use museum quality UV-resistant acrylic (plexiglass) which offers high light transmittance and 17 times the strength of glass but only 50% of the weight.  Narrow frames are constructed of aluminum anodized with a black metallic finish.  Prints which are framed and matted are packaged with corner protectors, enclosed in pH-neutral polybags and boxed for mailing.

Not all photographs are available in all three sizes.  When you choose particular photos, then contact me and I can indicate the sizes that their resolution permits.